Meaningful events

Meaningful events

Why not organise a different type of event?

We create meaningful events from scratch or add content to your existing event.

Events should change lives and be unforgettable because they deeply matter.

Meaningful events inspire participants, engage them emotionally and intellectually and allow them to see the wider picture.


Content is key

We make sure your event engages your audience and can trigger new ideas and inspiration. In our network, we have first-in-class speakers, presenters, facilitators, ...



We make sure your event has the greatest possible impact and the way to achieve this is by using the right mix of different types of technologies

  • The right platform or setting in LIVE, virtual or hybrid environments

  • Audiovisual technologies to enable multilingual communications

  • Interaction tools for audience enagagement

  • Analytic tools to enable you to optimize ROI and impact

  • ... and many other customized technologies according to your needs.

Flawless execution

We make sure that every detail goes according to plan and we especially give you peace of mind as our event advisers take care of everthing.

We monitor that your event purpose is translated faithfully into reality together with our partner agency, Presence.


Sustainability and relevance

Your event should be meaningful to stakeholders inside and outside of your organisation.

We are committed to ensuring that your event respects the environment and the communities where it is organised by:

  • Reducing waste

  • Eliminating paper for flyers, folders etc.. and replacing them with digital alternatives

  • Promoting reusable materials and event equipment

  • Ensuring that any non-reusable materials are recycled

  • Reducing the impact of event catering

  • Avoiding unnecessary energy consumption

  • Using renewable energy resources wherever possible

  • Reduce travel to the strict minimum

  • Offer alternative and green travel options

  • Stimulate hybrid events (combination of LIVE and remote audiences) to reduce the carbon footprint

  • Create a safe event experience with medical contingency plans to face any issues your participants might have.

  • Create an event climate based on diversity and equality: offer equal event acces to all, independent of race or physical abilities.

  • Consult with the local communities the costs and benefits of your events


We make sure that your event is responsible, green and sustainable

Paradigma Partners makes your product or service offering meaningful by building your presence and by inspiring trust in your target audiences and in the communities affected by your event.

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