Managing the booking process

Managing the booking process

Many speakers are notoriously hard to reach and most are famous for having little time.

Our account managers assist you from A to Z

  • Briefing speakers about your event and on what you expect

  • Providing them with background information on your organisation

  • Taking care of contractual details so that you are covered

  • Providing subsitutes in case a speaker needs to cancel, even on short notice

  • Travel, accommodation and logistics (room setup, AV technology, etc...)

  • Setting up and managing virtual platforms for online speeches: Zoom, ...

  • Giving the speaker a multilingual stage so that he can address an international audience

  • Communication between all parties during preparation stage

  • Marketing the speaker to your audience, on social media, etc...

  • Intellectual property and copyrights in case of recordings etc...

  • Debriefing and follow-up

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