European Works Councils

European Works Councils

European Works Councils are a microcosm of society and a laboratory for new ideas.

They are microcosms because these forums are comprised of the different nationalities in the EU so that you can travel Europe by looking around the meeting room. 

As laboratories for new ideas, European Works Councils  act as sounding boards for companies enabling them to road test new initiatives before implementing them across Europe. 

Our first aim is to make your European Works Council more meaningful and efficient by building YOUR UNIQUE EWC which will be very different from the EWC of any other company.

Our second aim is to increase the presence of European Works Councils so that their value is recognised and understood by all stakeholders.

We help European Works Councils in a variety of ways so that real social dialogue can happen with meaningful information and consultation

EWC strategy

EWC Metrics: measures management and EWC member expectations and priorities

EWC Roadmaps: makes sure your EWC is meaningful and leads to unique value

EWC dynamics: maps the drives and motivations of management and EWC members so that communications can be improved

EWC Consulting

Our experts help you (re)negotiate your EWC agreement and monitor legal developments for you so that you are always up to date.

You have a question or worry? 

Just give us a call and we will provide you with all the information you need. 

EWC Meeting Facilitation and Mediation

Sometimes, discussions just get stuck and you need an independent person to unlock the situation. 

From making sure the process of your EWC meeting goes smoothly to supporting negotiations or conflict resolution, our mediators and facilitators will help you overcome any barriers.


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