Meaningful lives in meaningful organisations

Meaningful lives in meaningful organisations

Humans need meaning.

But what is meaning?

People need to make it happen but organisations can enable it.

True meaning cannot be relevant only to yourself: it needs to be holistic, inclusive, and sustainable.

The world is changing in unprecedented ways and that requires us to adopt new paradigms.

These new paradigms are based on People – Planet – Purpose – Prosperity and it will present every leader as well as all of us with ethical dilemmas never seen before.

It requires a willingness and an ability to:

  • Examine your beliefs, prejudices, stereotypes and values that are very often so deeply engrained that they are engendered by automatic thinking patterns and behaviours
  • Open your mind to (radically) different worldviews, to contradictions and to dilemmas so as to embrace them with respect.
  • Discover your ethical preferences that are consciously and unconsciously at play when interacting with others.
  • Decide on the influence you want to have on your environment and change your thinking and behaviour patterns accordingly

Our programmes aim to make you aware of who you are and who you want to become and give you the freedom to choose so consciously.

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