Communication and persuasion skills

Communication and persuasion skills

Our first aim is to make sure that when you say anything, it matters and that it increases your presence.

We believe that otherwise it is better to remain silent and say nothing at all.

At the same time, we make you aware of the dangers of manipulation attempts and we help you to see through clever tricks that could cause you a lot of damage.

With Paradigma Partners, you will become a master in public speaking, body language and psychological techniques and you will learn how to consciously shape your image.

Some of the things you will learn:

  • Persuasion: convince people and avoid being manipulated
  • Negotiation: allows you to be the best at striking deals and at getting people to agree with your solution or point of view
  • Motivation: how to make sure everything you do or engage in adds meaning to the whole and gives you the energy to perform or to get done what you had planned
  • Presence: the way you speak and write, your body language and your behaviour determine what you will achieve and how you will be seen by others.

We provide you with the tools that make sure you have the presence you want.

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