European Works Councils

European Works Councils

EWC Training

We provide European Works Councils with anything they need to be efficient.

Our training programs cover a wide range of topics: legal, financial, do's and don'ts, communications, negotiations and much more.

We can organize a training session within the timeframe you want: even 30 minutes is enough to make sure your EWC members receive essential information!

On request, we can also develop tailor-made training sessions for you on any topic of your choice. The possibilities for customization are endless.

Some examples of our training programs:

  • How to prepare for a virtual meeting
  • Digital and virtual meeting etiquette
  • Working with interpreters at multilingual meetings
  • Planning good (multilingual)meetings
  • Set up translation and localisation workflows
  • Presentations with impact
  • Speaking like a pro in live, hybrid and virtual environments
  • ...

EWC Roadmaps

Many European Works Councils struggle to become really relevant.

That is why it is important to build your EWC Roadmap so that the forum becomes UNIQUE to your organisation and is adapted to your company culture.

With a thorough knowledge of the legal and operations basis, clear goals, objectives and tasks, a communications plan, your EWC will add value to all stakeholders and increase efficiency and trust between all parties.

We help you build your EWC Roadmap from scratch, starting with an analysis of the expectation of all stakeholders and a thorough knowledge of your company culture.

After the design phase, we help you to with implementation and with the rollout of the process.

EWC Bootcamps

For new European Works Councils or for EWCs that want to brush up on the basics, we have a special module, designed to get them going in no time!

We provide all stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of what a EWC is all about from a legal, communicational and practical perspective.

In 1 day of intensive and interactive training, you will learn all there is to know about European Works Councils!

Social Dialogue Labs

Do you want to organise a brainstorming on a specific topic in your company or you want us to fill a slot on your HR or trade union conference?

Paradigma Partners makes it happen and moderates the session, invites key speakers or experts to contribute to the debate and (if you want us to), we can even invite peers from other companies to participate so that you can benchmark.

Just let us know the topic and we will start researching content and present you with a draft program as soon as possible.

All our EWC programs are tailor-made.

Contact us to build yours.

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